Tamara G. Saliva

Eclectic, multidisciplinary teaching artist and poet

An avid user of natural materials and mediums to release creative energy and transform communities.

Services I offer

Tamara G. Saliva
Relax & Paint
Tamara’s Relax & Paint

Different from the usual sip & paint, “Tamara’s Relax & Paint” events utilize meditative silhouette images to encourage participants to release tension and thrive in a low risk art setting. Open to all levels of experience, Tamara guides budding artists in creating their canvases with their own personal touches. Breathe, relax and grab your paint brush!

Tamara G. Saliva
Let's make jewelry
Tamara’s Simple Treasures Sessions

In “Tamara’s Simple Treasures Sessions” participants will learn the basic techniques for making beaded jewelry, earrings and hand wired pendants. Tamara will explain the importance of different types of beads, jewelry wires, tools and combinations to aid in healing, relaxation and creativity. All the materials will be included so prepare to make your masterpiece.

Tamara G. Saliva
Poetry/Writing Workshop
Tamara’s Pages

If you’re a brand new writer or an experienced author seeking new ways to chase the muse, Tamara will help you get ink flowing or set fingers to a keyboard. In an inclusive space free of limiting language, “Tamara’s Pages” is a series of generative writing workshops that include mentor poems, writing prompts and time to write. So grab your pens, paper, laptops and tablets and let’s write.

Simple Treasures
Gifts & Things

focus on simplicity, customer healing needs and uniqueness

Carnelian Chandelier Earrings

This power stone stimulates ambition and drive, so it will aid you in manifesting what you require.

Tamara G. Saliva
Blue Aventurine Pencil Point Pendant

Resonates with the upper chakras, from the mind to the heart, and is especially stimulating to the Third Eye and Throat Chakras.

Tamara G. Saliva

Tamara's Photography

Past Performances

Smokin' Word & Drum

Meta4rikal Minds

Belt Buckle beat Nuyo @ The Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Great Weather For Media

Tamara G. Saliva
Tamara G. Saliva
Tamara G. Saliva
Tamara G. Saliva

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